HRT is the useful acronym for hormone replacement therapy. And the hrt company will only be meting out treatment to those with proven hormone imbalances and/or deficiencies. Qualified and professional therapists with the company will be the best judges to determine whether a man or woman has such imbalances and deficiencies. A charted list may be utilized to work through tell-tale and more stringent signs that a patient is deficient.

But how does a man or woman know when to call in for therapeutic help? How does a man or woman know how to recognize typical early signs of a hormonal imbalance? Visiting a general practitioner is a useful place to start. It is he who could give a name to all symptoms being felt, symptoms that the layman or woman may not be able to encapsulate in words. Take the lack of libido on the part of both men and women, for instance.

And the complete lack of drive and ability to perform physically due to impotence. This, obviously on the side of the man. Other traumas to look out for are hair loss, particularly on the side of the woman and an overwhelming sense of tiredness, otherwise known as fatigue. Mental fatigue and fatigue of the muscles. On a more serious, and yet, hopeful level, high levels of stress and anxiety and depression can be a sign of a hormonal imbalance or deficiency.

The matter of mental trauma is, of course, serious. But the hope arises that due to the hormonal issue, there may not have been something worse at stake that causes the stress or depression. Hope arises further because hormonal imbalances, no matter what its cause, can be addressed affirmatively and successfully by way of healthy and safe methods.