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Congratulations on your new transplant. The months ahead are sure to be exciting as you start seeing hair regrow in area of your head that may not have seen hair in a very long time. But, it is a process to get there. It takes two to three months to start the hair regrowth, during which time you’ll notice changes and maybe some medical issues, too. Your hair transplant professional will provide you with a list of care instructions to follow after the neograft hair transplant. Follow the care instructions as directed. They’re designed to keep you safe and healthy after the procedure and to ensure that the transplant efficiently holds to the follicles of the scalp.

neograft hair transplant

The first week after a transplant is important. This is a critical time that the hair needs to settle so that it can regrow properly. The Neograft procedure reduces the redness and swelling that you’ll experience, but do expect it to be there. Keep your hands out of your hair during this time. Sure, you want to run your fingers through it, style it, and otherwise enjoy that new head of hair, but keep your hands off until they’ve had proper time to settle and lock in the roots. You should also avoid eating any type of head garment, such as a hat, unless the doctor tells you that doing so is okay. Generally, wearing anything on top of the head potentially damages the hair follicles.

Avoid exercising during recovery. Sweat and moisture can cause infection in the hair transplant area, although the actual exercise itself isn’t dangerous. You certainly do not want to cause any type of infection and the area must be kept dry. Do not get into a sauna, steam room, or other excessively hot, sweaty room. And, of course, sleeping can be difficult, but you can elevate your head to minimize the risk of swelling. Try sleeping in an upright position at night to avoid causing hair follicle damage.